Lily grew up in Sagmore New York. After finishing her sophomore year her parents had an opportunity to work overseas in Germany. Because of this Lily was sent to St. Sophie's boarding school where she be-friends Scout Green and discovers the magic of the school.

Lily Parker
Name Lily Parker
Gender Female
Species Human
Power Firespell
Family Mark Parker

Susan Parker

Status Alive
Ocupation Student
Age 15-16


When first arriving to the school Lily becomes almost instant friends with Scout Green. However she begins to notice the other girl sneaking off a lot which raises her suspicions. While having lunch with Scout she meets Jason Shepeard and Michael Garcia. She develops a small crush on Jason. While still having lunch Lily sees a strange girl who raises alarm bells for the others.

One night she sneaks down to try to see what Scout does when she leaves at night. After finding her they immediately have to run from something in the tunnels. Lily is hit and wakes up later in the hospital. Folly, the principal of the school, talks to her. Jason, Michael and Scout also arrive and Lily demands to know what was going on. They explain about magic and how it is only a temporary thing and that eventually they (adepts) will give it up as opposed to the reapers who will keep it forever by sucking the life out of humans.

Lily accepts this and is later discharged from the hospital. While in her room after going back to school she notices a strange mark on her back. Wanting to push it off as a bruise she accepts an invite with the 'Brat Pack' to go shopping. There she runs into Jason.

Lily later asks Scout about the 'bruise' and Scout worries that it may be a sign of Lily having magic.

Later Scout goes missing pushing Lily to face her fears and confront the rest of the adepts. At first she is afraid but Foley, the principal, lets it slip that she knows about everything that goes on underneath the school. She also mentions something about Lily's parents and their career.

Lily is able to persuade the others to help her get Scout back, directly going against Smith and Kate.

They fight break into the reapers den and manage to save Scout. While there they meet Jeremiah. Leader of the reapers. A battle breaks out among them. When she's sure she's going to die Lily notices Sebastion, the guy who put her in the hospital. He mouths something to her which allows her to use her firespell and save her friends. They get away safely.


Lily continues to work with the adepts while maintaining the appearance of an average school girl during the day.

She believes to have seen Sebastion very early in the book but pushes it off. Later her, Jason, Scout and Michael are patrolling in the tunnels when they are attacked by 'human deformed rabbits'. They get away safely.


  • According to Chloe Neill's website she says that her image of Lily is the model on the cover of FireSpell.